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Hitempase® 2XL – 1 L

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Used in the brewing industry for effective liquefaction of starch in grists containing up to 100% unmalted cereal (0.05- 0.1% on weight of dry grist) . It is also used during wort boiling in beer production for the elimination of starch positive worts and to prevent alpha glucan hazes.

*Limited availability at certain warehouse locations

Dosing Rate:

.05-0.1% on weight of grist
=500-1000ppm on weight of grist
≈500-1000mL/MT grist*
*Assuming density of water for liquid enzyme

0.25-0.5% on volume of wort
=250-500ppm on volume of wort
≈25-50mL/hL wort*
*Assuming density of water for liquid enzyme