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    BSG CraftBrewing sources all of its German hops directly from the German growers, through their cooperative marketing organization HVG e.G. In its 60 years history, the HVG has grown to be one of the most important hop suppliers worldwide. Besides marketing a large part of the German hop production the HVG also processes German hops into HVG hop Pellets, HVG hop extract and other hop products.
    Our strong relationship with HVG ensures we supply the very best German hops to American Brewers, also in tough times. We believe in the old tradition of selecting all our hops lots personally after harvest in the Hallertau region, where our experts carefully choose the best qualities for you. Along with traditionally used German Hops like Tettnanger and Hallertau Mittelfrüh, we also carry exciting new German special flavor varieties like Huell Melon, Mandarina Bavaria, Polaris and Hallertau Blanc, which deliver a range of unique aroma characteristics and in some cases high alpha concentrations.
    Our German hop selection offers a range of the traditional and innovative varieties that can meet your needs.

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    Meet the Growers - profiles of a few of HVG's members

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    Tour the Tettnang hop growing region in this video.

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    German Aurum

    Available exclusively through BSG. Classic German hop character with higher oil content, heavy aromas of spicy, herbaceous notes with a fresh citrus aroma. Available only in 2kg package size.

    German Diamant

    Exclusively available from BSG. Diamant offers bright orange citrus, light floral, and sweet berries. Available only in 2kg package size.

    German Ariana

    Aromatic hop with fruit, berry, and citrus notes coupled with resinous and herbal back tones.

    German Callista

    Pleasing, noble-type aromatics with fruity and herbal tones.

    German Hallertau Blanc

    Next-generation German hops for 21st century craft beer: highly aromatic, tropical, floral, and fruity.

    German Hallertau Mittelfrüh

    The quintessential noble hop: welcome in any Continental ale or lager style.

    German Hallertauer Magnum

    Excellent bittering power and highly versatile.

    German Hallertauer Tradition

    Hallertauer Tradition combines classic character with great performance.

    German Hersbrucker

    A workhorse aroma hop for refined European-style beers.

    German Huell Melon

    True to its name, Hüll Melon delivers soft notes of ripe melon and bright berry.

    German Mandarina Bavaria

    Mandarina Bavaria is a tangerine machine that’s intense, sweet, and distinctive.

    German Northern Brewer

    Versatile and mild with a distinct hoppy flavour, German Northern Brewer is a true dual purpose hop.

    German Perle

    German Perle is a mild and bright aroma hop with mint and spice overtones.

    German Polaris

    Powerful wintergreen and eucalyptus make Polaris a vivid flavour component.

    German Saphir

    A new-school aroma hop with a noble profile and great brewhouse utility.

    German Select

    Beautifully spicy and complex, Select is an excellent alternative to traditional noble hops.