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FermCap™ Eco 20 kg

FermCap™ Eco is a sustainable plant-based processing aid developed to increase fermenter capacity by reducing foam height, thereby improving beer foam stability and enhancing hop utilization.

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Developed as a part of part of Kerry’s Eco Brewing range, FermCap™ Eco is a plant-based alternative to traditional silicon-based products.

FermCap™ Eco can increase fermenter capacity up to 7-15% and is optimized to work with cross flow filtration membranes. Allowing for 57% reduction in beer filtration time compared to untreated beer. It is not sensitive to cold temperature storage, can enhance hop (alpha-acid) utilization, and reduces wort loss while maximizing CO2 recovery.

FermCap™ Eco is a sustainable and efficient option for foam control in fermentation processes that does not impact beer flavor.


FermCap™ Eco is used as an antifoam agent during the wort boiling and/or fermentation step of the brewing process. Typical dose rates are in the range of 1.0 – 8.0 mL/hL (0.9 – 6.8 mL/BBL). The dose rate is dependent on wort composition, gravity, and fermentation conditions. Some settling of the contents may occur on prolonged storage. The product can, however, be easily reconstituted by simple stirring.

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