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Whirlfloc® G – 1 kg


Action: Granular kettle fining agent derived from Eucheuma cottonii. It is negatively charged to attract positively charged proteins, leading to enhanced wort clarity, improved beer filtration, enhanced post filter beer clarity & enhanced colloidal stability.

Additional Notes: Whirlfloc G need not be hydrated prior to addition & is added 10 – 20 minutes prior to the end of boil.

An optimization is recommended to determine proper rate of use.

1.5 grams Whirlfloc® G is equivalent to 1 tablet (2.5 grams) Whirlfloc® T.

Typical Dosage Rate
: 20 – 50 ppm ~ 2.5 – 6 g/bbl

Application Sheet

Clear Beer Through Finings

Kettle Optimization Instructions