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A versatile new variety from NZ Hops bursting with tropical, citrus, and candy character.

Alpha Acid Range %
9.0 - 12.0
Beta Acid Range %
3.0 - 5.0
Total oils mls/100 gr.


Breeding/Development: Superdelic™ (Trial Hop NZH-102) is a triploid hop variety that was crossed by Dr. Ron Beatson in 2012 through NZ Hops’s partnership breeding program with Plant and Food Research. Having performed well in the small plot trials and showing promising sensory attributes in early brewing trials it was fast tracked to the NZ Hops trial hop farm in 2017.

Brewing Application: Superdelic is a versatile hop that can be used as a single hop addition and has and has great synergy with other hops.  Pairs well with many other varieties, including Nelson Sauvin™, Motueka™, and Riwaka™. Ideal for hazy IPA and other hop-forward styles and noted for its great biotransformation properties when added during active fermentation. 

Sensory: The unique oil profile of Superdelic yields flavours and aromas of red fruit, candy, citrus, and tropical fruit.