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PolyClar 10 20 kg


PolyClar 10 is a highly effective, 100% PVPP stabilizer. It is optimized for single use, either on its own or in conjunction with other stabilizers, to offer a highly effective means of preventing non-biological haze in all types of beer.

Dosage rates: The exact dosing rate for Polyclar 10 single-use beer stabilizer is dependent upon the brewing raw materials used, process conditions and the shelf life requirement. The normal dosage level range for 100% malt beer is 15 to 40 g/hl (3.9 to 10.4lbs/100 US bbls). For beer with low polyphenol content, the normal dosage levelrange is 5 to 20 g/hl (1.3 to 5.2 lbs/100 US bbls).