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Kerry Biofine™ Eco 20 kg

Biofine™ Eco is a plant-based fining agent developed to improve beer clarification by instant flocculation of yeast and trub.

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Developed as a part of part of Kerry’s Eco Brewing range, Biofine™ Eco is a plant derived alternative to traditional clarification aids such as isinglass and silicon dioxide-based products.

Biofine™ Eco can improve beer recovery by 28% compared to unfined beer and 8% compared to Isinglass fined beer. It can also reduce turbidity from 55.4 NTU / 13.9 EBC in unfined beer to 22.3 NTU / 5.6 EBC. Allowing Biofine™ Eco to shorten maturation time due to quick settling and produces a more compact yeast sediment haze for easier cleaning and reduced disposal cost.

Biofine™ Eco is a natural and economical option for clarification aid in the brewing process that does not impact beer flavor.

Biofine™ Eco Sell Sheet