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Idaho 7™

Beta Acid Range %
4 - 5
Total oils mls/100 gr.
1.0 - 1.6
Alpha Acid Range %
Co-Humulone as % of alpha


A experimental variety boasting pungent tropical fruit and pine character.

Breeding/Development: USA. An experimental variety from Jackson Hop Farm in Wilder, ID, first released in 2015.

Brewing ApplicationPrimarily aroma and dry hopping due to its potent aroma and flavor, but high enough alpha acids to contribute good bitterness. Excellent as a single hop or part of a blend for IPA, pale ale, and hop-forward American wheat beers.

Sensory: Pungent tropical fruit and citrus (think apricot, orange, red grapefruit, papaya) with big notes of resiny pine and hints of black tea.

Botanical Classification:
Family: Cannabaceae
Genus: Humulus
Species: Lupulus

Maturity: no data

Yield: no data