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Fermentis SafSour LB 1™ 100g


SafSour LB 1™ is a heterofermentative lactic acid bacteria. It has been selected by Fermentis specifically for its ability to provide a precise acidity related to the combined production of lactic and acetic acids. SafSour LB 1™ also reveals a neutral aromatic profile, respecting the aromatic signature of the yeast in the final product. We recommend it to produce Gose, Berliner Weisse and many other balanced sour beers.

• Acidifies non-hopped wort within 30h–48h at a temperature of 89.6°F +/- 9°F (32°C +/-5°C) .
• As a heterofermentative lactic acid bacteria, SafSour LB-1 produces lactic acid and acetic acid.
• SafSour LB-1 presents a low tolerance towards iso alpha acids (half of growth is inhibited, IC50 of 10 ppm). 
• Typically reaches a final pH of 3.6–3.9


The optimum dosing rate is 10 g/hL

An oxygenation rate of 13 ppm helps achieve a balanced acetic/lactic profile. 


It is recommended to pitch directly into the non-hopped wort at the temperature of 32°C (+/- 5°C).


Product may be transported at ambient temperatures, ideally not more than 30°C for prolonged periods of time, i.e. a maximum of 14 days. Peaks of up to 40°C are allowed.
Must be stored in a cool and dry conditions (< 4°C/39.2°F).Peaks of up to 40°C are allowed.
Storage must be done under cool temperatures (< 4°C/39.2°F) and in dry conditions.



Best if used within 36 months after production date when stored under cool temperatures (< 4°C/39.2°F). Refer to the packaging for “Use Best Before Date.” Do not use soft or damaged sachets.


  • SafSour LB 1™ is sensitive to all clinically relevant antibiotics and presents no risk of antibiotic resistance genes diffusion.
    Biogenic amines-free.