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Fermcap® AT – 25 kg


FermCap® AT is a unique emulsion of an extremely effective surface active agent Dimethylpolysiloxane which prevents foam formation by reducing surface tension.  FermCap® AT is classified as a “Process Aid” because of its novel feature of being completely removed from the beer under normal processing conditions. It is adsorbed onto the surface of the yeast, vessel walls and filter media.

Analytical techniques accurate to 0.005 ppm cannot detect FermCap® AT in finished beer.

To be used as an antifoam agent during the wort boiling and fermentation step of the brewing process, the dose rate depends on brewing conditions, wort gravity, yeast cell counts and temperature. The ingredients of this product may settle. For best results, the closed package should be shaken vigorously before use.  Do not freeze, store below 90º F.

Application rate: 1 – 6 mls per hL

To see additional information on the use and application of Fermcap® AT download this pdf –Application Sheet