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DSM Brewers Clarex® – 5kg


Brewers Clarex® is a one-of-a-kind beer stabilization technology that can eliminate the costly and environmentally damaging cold stabilization process. Efficient, simple and cost-effective, this brewing enzyme offers a natural way to increase your maturation production capacity and shorten your processing time. Brewers Clarex® is also ideal for gluten reduced beer production; Proline Specific Endo-protease – the active ingredient in Brewers Clarex – breaks down the gluten in malted barley.


  • Prevents chill haze in beer
  • Reduces costs by eliminating cold stabilization phase
  • Proven to have no compromise on taste, foam and other beer quality parameters
  • Extremely easy to use and integrate into existing processes
  • Compatible with cross-flow membrane filtration technology

Pack Size:  5kg



Using the Brewers Clarex® Calculator

This calculator will help you determine the correct dose of Brewers Clarex® based on gravity and volume of wort, and whether it is to be used for shelf stability or gluten reduction.

  1. Enter the type of beer – A, B, C, or D – based on the following parameters:




 Dry hopped and/or  ≥40 IBU


 Not type A, Clarex to be used for stabilization – up to 9 months shelf life


 Not type A and using ≤ 20% wheat, Clarex to be used for gluten reduction


 Not type A and using ≥ 20% wheat, Clarex to be used for gluten reduction

2. Enter the percentage of malt in the grist
3. Enter the original gravity (in °P) of the wort
4. Enter the fermenter volume

The correct dose for your wort will be given as both g and mL/hL in the yellow cells at the bottom of the column.