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Dingemans Wheat Malt


Use for head retention and body in any beer, or at up to 70% for wheat beer and hazy styles.

Dingemans Wheat malt adds grainy wheat flavour and haze to wheat beers and other styles when used at up to 70% of the grist. Adding wheat malt in smaller amounts will enhance the head retention of any beer.

Suggested usage: Wheat beers, Hefe-Weizen, Light beers, Belgian Wit, Saison, Belgian Tripel, and wheat-based fruit beers.

*Due to kernel size, this bag is packed in smaller bags than Dingemans barley malts.

Colour °EBC2.5 – 3.8
Colour °SRM1.3 – 2.0
Colour °Lovebon1.5 – 2.0
Protein Total13.0 max
Moisture % Max6.5%
Extract FG Min83.0
Usage RateUp to 70%