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BSG Select CiderBase™ – 5 gal


BSG Select CiderBase™ is a distinctively bold apple juice base. It starts with apples sourced from the American Pacific Northwest, which are then juiced and aged with a proprietary process developed with the craft cider maker in mind.  BSG Select CiderBase™ is a tangy, all-natural 100% apple juice concentrate that is non-alcoholic and gluten-free.

Designed for craft brewers large and small, it appeals to those who appreciate the art of fermenting cider with a hint of European tradition and American innovation.

BSG Select CiderBase™ Specs:

  • Gravity: 45° Brix (+/- 1° Brix)
  • Approximate pH range: 3.3-3.4
  • Suggested dilution ratio: 3:1 (H₂O: Concentrate) yields a must of ~1.058 Sp.G.
  • Aseptically packaged
  • Package Size: 5 gallons

*Limited availability at certain warehouse locations

Product Information Sheet

Distilling With CiderBase™