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Biofine® P019 – 1 kg



Biofine® P019 is a refined isinglass collagen which has superior dissolution properties. The active ingredient in isinglass is a protein called collagen, a triple helical coil with many sites of positive charge. It is a large molecule which will attract the much smaller negatively charged yeast, etc., and they will precipitate out.

Additional Notes

When dissolved in water and added to the beer it causes yeast and suspended proteins to settle rapidly. At higher dosage rates filtration may not be necessary. Optimum addition would occur into the beer in the transfer to the aging tank for good dispersion. However, treatment may be made directly into the aging vessel with a CO2 purge going. A minimum sediment period of no less than 24 hours.

Application Rate

P19 Solution: 5g P19 : 1L H₂O
P19 Solution Application Rate: Determined by trials.
Suggested Application Range: 300-700 mL : 1hL (15-35ppm)

*Limited availability at certain warehouse locations

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Application Information

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