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Amylo™ 300 1 kg


Amylo™ 300 is an amyloglucosidase enzyme derived from a selected strain of Aspergillus niger.

Amylo™ 300 can hydrolyse sequentially both exo alpha 1,4 and alpha 1,6 glycosidic linkages and can therefore be used to degrade starch polymers and maltose to glucose, for the production of high alcohol and low carbohydrate beers.


Amylo™ 300 is recommended for use in mash conversion, or in the fermentation/maturation stages of brewing.

Mashing and Wort separation – direct addition to mash during Saccharification rest, addition to wort before kettle boiling

Fermentation and Maturation – direct addition to cold wort enroute to fermenter, and addition to storage /matured beer before filtration.

Optimal pH & Temperature:

Amylo™ 300 works optimally well in brew house mash at temperature of 55-62C~ (131-144F) and pH ranges of 5.4 – 5.6. Amylo™ 300 is active up to 65C (149F).

Dosage Rate:

Recommended dosage rate in mash is 250 -1200ml/tonne.

Recommended dosage rate in fermentation/maturation is 1-4g/hl.

**Limited availability at certain warehouse locations