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    General Information

    Phone: 1.800.234.8191 | Box 242, 620 Glengarry Crescent, Fergus ON N1M 2W8

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    Sales Team

    Canada Sales Territories


    Finlay Danaher - Technical Sales Manager - Western Region

    Darien Gopee - Technical Sales Manager - Toronto, Manitoba, East & Northern Ontario

    Shelley Beirnes - Technical Sales Manager -Southern Ontario & Key Accounts

    Sylvain Gaboriau -  Technical Sales Manager - Eastern Region 

    Anna-Lisa Brewer - Sales Development Coordinator - All Regions

    Mike Brennan - Technical Sales Manager for Distilling & Home Fermentation - British Columbia

    Packaging Team

    Stephen Trace - Packaging Business Coordinator  
    Christine Llewellyn - Customer Service, Packaging Specialist
    Andrew Pinheiro - Sleeved Can Production Lead
    Johanna Lee-Travis - Packaging Accounts Manager


    Customer Service Representatives and order processing are available between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM EST, Monday through Friday.

    Telephone: 1.800.234.8191

    Fax: 1.519.843.1603


    When ordering, please provide the following:

    • Company and contact person names

    • Telephone and fax numbers

    • Shipping and billing addresses

    • Product name, Manufacturer and type (i.e.: Weyermann® Pilsner, whole kernel or milled)

    • Quantity of product needed (number of bags)

    • Date order needed on or by

    • Shipping information (Liftgate, Pallet jack, Call first, …)

    NOTE: When ordering by email, we always reply to confirm receipt. If you send in an order and do not hear back from us within 24 hours, please resend your order or call us directly.

    Customer Pickup Information for all BSG Warehouse Locations:

    • Hours: 9:00am - 4:00pm, Monday-Friday
    • 24 hour notice required
    • Less than 1 pallet orders - same day with 2 hours notice (please have your Customer Service Representative contact your warehouse) 

    Warehouse Locations


    788 Caldew Street

    Delta, British Columbia

    V3M 5S2


    35 Cooper Drive

    Guelph, Ontario

    N1C 1C3


    6205 Cypihot Street

    Saint-Laurent, Quebec

    H4S 1R3



    620 Glengarry Crescent

    Fergus, Ontario

    N1M 2W8 

    For all other inquiries please use this contact form - thanks!