Canada, (formerly Gilbertson & Page (Canada) Inc.) has been producing and distributing brewing products to Canadian markets since the early 90's. We believe in old fashioned concepts such as customer service and relationship building. Most of our customers have been with us since the beginning and we have grown organically from word of mouth.

As a ‘one stop shop’ we are able to offer our full line up of products from one warehouse on one pallet! With warehouse locations Fergus ON, Huntingdon QC, and Delta BC we are where you need us to be; this offers our customers savings on transportation costs and flexibility with scheduling and warehousing space.

We are proud to be the Canadian distributors of such quality products as Weyermann® Specialty Malts, Crisp Malting Group, Simpsons Mlat, Patagonia Malt, Castle® Malt, Kerry Bio-science brewing aids and many other ingredients like our OIO brand of brewing adjuncts which are made from infrared roasting of various grains. Our innovative can program was developed to help smaller craft breweries compete by offering a cost effective solution to an expensive but essential packaging option in the marketplace.

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