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Weyermann® Demeter CARAAROMA® (Organic)

Usage Rate
up to 15%
Moisture % Max
Extract FG Min
Colour °Lovibond


Weyermann® Demeter CARAAROMA® is a drum-roasted caramel malt made from 2-row, organic German barley. CARAROMA® delivers notes of roasted nuts, dark caramel, dried fruit while imparting deep amber and red hues to the finished beer.  Organic Demeter CARAAROMA® can also be used to add body to the beer.  Great for Organic Amber Ales and Lagers, Stouts, Porters, Dark Ale, Barley Wine Style Ale, Irish Style Red Ale,and  Brown Ale. 

Malt produced from 100% certified organic cultivation*

NOP certificate available upon request.

*certified organic by BCS (DE-ÖKO-001)

*Limited availability at certain warehouse locations