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    Upgrading Our Software

    Dear Customer,

    As you are likely aware, we have been working for several months on implementing a new Inventory and Order Management software. This upgrade represents a significant and improvement over our old system, which was starting to show its limitations to growth.

    The new software (Microsoft Dynamics 365) was launched on 7th August, with more functionality being added on an ongoing basis.  We are excited about its ability to help us better manage the growth and increasing complexity of our business. By creating more internal efficiencies, we hope to further enhance our customers’ experience in tangible ways.  

    Implementing a new ERP is a complex and difficult task and we understand that it has created some delays in a small number of shipments. We want to apologize if you were affected and thank you for your patience during this time. The difficult tasks are now behind us, and we look forward to the improvements in our ability to serve you made possible by this upgrade. As always, your Sales Manager and Customer Service Representative are available to address any questions or concerns you may have.


    Michael Carriere
    Director of Sales, BSG Canada

    Updated 13 September, 2018