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Sleeved Cans

BSG Canada offers custom branded sleeved cans in various sizes as a great solution for shorter runs that require quick turn-around times.

Sleeved cans offer the same visual impact as printed cans, but with a much lower minimum order quantity and shorter lead-time. This makes them ideal for smaller runs such as limited-releases and one-offs, or for your growing brands.  Sleeved cans are a great option to consider if warehouse space is at a premium.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, visuals add value to your product.  Printing embellishments on sleeved cans range from specialty inks and finishes (matte, textured or raised), dynamic content, holographic foil, optical brightener (black light effect) just to name a few.

Contact us to learn more about our sleeved can program and printing capabilities as well as information on minimum order quantities and lead-times.