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    SafCider™ AB-1 500g

    Formerly known as SafCider™, SafCider™ AB-1 the best cider yeast for balanced ciders, combining delicate fresh apple and apple sauce notes.

    SafCider™ AC-4 500g

    The best cider yeast for an intensely fresh aromatic profile (apple, floral) with a crisp mouthfeel enhancing cider structure.

    SafCider™ AS-2 500g

    The best cider yeast for a fresh aromatic profile (apple, citrus) with nice elaborated fruit notes (applesauce) bringing a good overall complexity.

    SafCider™ TF-6 500g

    The best cider yeast for a very high aromatic intensity and complexity towards fresh fruity notes (apple, banana-pear, red, citrus and exotic fruits) combined with interesting elaborated fruit notes (applesauce).