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Rahr Dextrin Malt

Colour °SRM
1.2 - 2.2
Moisture % Max
Protein Total


Whether you’re looking to boost mouthfeel in hazy or to show off a mousselike foam stand on a pils, Rahr Dextrin Malt is designed to improve your beer. Lower modification and higher protein levels mean better body, improved haze formation, and stable foam, while the low colour makes it suitable for use in even the palest styles.  

When used at up to 10%, hazy IPA brewers will appreciate the viscosity and stable haze that Rahr Dextrin Malt contributes without increasing beer colour. Foam stability, viscosity, and body will be increased with the addition of Rahr Dextrin to the mashbill. Brewers using chit malt for head retention and mouthfeel in lagers and other styles will find the same features in a North American alternative. Depending on inclusion rate in the mashbill, look for bready, grainy, and raw barley flavours.