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Pathfinder TY-Pure 1 KG


An active dried alcohol yeast and nutrient formulation optimized for a super clean, reliable fermentation to 15% ABV in refined sugar fermentation systems.


TY-Pure is based on a low-congener, non-diastatic active dried yeast producing minimal fusel oils, esters and other fermentation by-products, minimizing flavor and aroma contribution in the end product – formulated with a complete, chemically-defined nutrient complex, TY-Pure is optimized for neutral character sugar wash fermentations up to approx. 14 % ABV.


Fermentation of clean and neutral character alcohol base for use in hard seltzers and FMB/CMB hard soda production; fermentation of alcohol wash for spirit alcohol distillation.

Pitching Method
TY-Pure requires agitation to dissolve nutrient salts so cannot be pitched directly without mixing facility. For indirect pitching, pre-mix with 10x times its weight of water at 25-30ºC (77- 86ºf) and mix for 5 minutes before pitching. Note that TY-Pure is not suitable for propagation or post-fermentation recovery for re-use due to nutrient depletion during fermentation. Note: rehydration is only required for pre-dissolving nutrients rather than yeast activation. It is important to minimise contact-time (ideally < 15 minutes) to avoid high nutrient concentrations harming the yeast. Trials may be required to determine impacts of longer contact periods on yeast viability and fermentation kinetics.

Fermentation Temperature
TY-Pure can tolerate up to 30ºC (8ºf) but alcohol quality is compromised at this temperature. For optimum performance and quality, it is recommended to ferment at 20-25ºC (68- 77ºf), although it may be possible to minimise SO2 levels by fermenting at the upper end of this range, i.e. 23-25ºC (73-77ºf). Oxygenation Oxygenation will help to minimise SO2 production; as a guide we suggest oxygenation rates starting from 15-20 ppm for ABVs around 5%, up to 40-45 ppm for higher ABVs of up to 14%. Oxygenation rates can be optimized through trials to meet the specific requirements of the application.

Dosage & Application

Pitch rates: suggested rates are as follows (optimization through bench trials is recommended):

Target ABV for fermentation:5%8%10%12%14
TY-Pure Seltzer Nutrient dosage:1.8 g/L2.5 g/L3.0 g/L3.6 g/L4.0 g/L