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    Patagonia Malt

    Founded in 1896, Patagonia Malt leads in the Latin American Pacific Coast malt market and keep increasing quality recognition among craft brewers worldwide.

    Patagonia Malt comes from Chile. 2-row barley is grown and malted with unique soil and weather conditions, between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, to create unmatchable flavour. Unique climate conditions of the central-south zones of Chile, characterized by a cold and rainy weather, create an environment for exceptional barley growing.

    Patagonia Malts have unique flavours and characteristics. They keep innovating in order to bring you more alternatives so that you can craft a new kind of beer.

    Barley steeping and germination conditions are carefully monitored to achieve even germination and homogenous malting. Following kilning, our malted barley possesses quality and colour comparable with the finest malts, though with a unique aroma and taste from Chilean Terroir.

    Malt is available in 22.7/25 kg sacks, super sacks (totes), and bulk.