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New Zealand Waimea™

Alpha Acid Range %
16.0 - 19.0%
Beta Acid Range %
7.0 - 9.0%
Co-Humulone as % of alpha
22 - 24%
Total oils mls/100 gr.
1.8 - 2.3


Waimea™ is a natural fit for any beer where a powerful hop character is desired.

Breeding/Development: Waimea™ is a dual purpose hop bred and released in 2012. Known for vigorous growth and produced in an area that is desease free, Waimea is the granddaughter of Pacific Jade and also has Fuggle and Saaz parentage.

Brewing Application:
Aroma. Waimea’s™ typically high alpha acid levels also give it considerable bittering potential, but it is most prized for its high oil content (particularly myrcene), low cohumulone, and aromatic impact in the glass.

Sensory: Outsized and assertive with citrus fruit and pine needles for days.

Botanical Classification:
Family: Cannabaceae
Genus: Humulus
Species: Lupulus

Maturity: mid to late season

Yield: no data