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    New Transportation Management System.

    January 22, 2021


    We are very excited to announce that this month BSG Canada is launching a new Transportation Management System (TMS) allowing us to become more effective and reliable in an increasingly complex freight market. 

    As you are likely aware, freight costs have been on the rise and this trend is likely to continue. Over the past year, BSG has invested in people, resources and systems – like our new TMS program – to offset this increase and keep freight affordable for you in the long term. 

    A new transportation management system will enable BSG to consolidate shipments which will offer many benefits including order tracking, better freight management, and emission reductions.

    How can you take advantage of this new system? Simple. The more volume you order and the longer lead time you provide for the requested delivery date, the more you will save on freight cost. 

    As always, please contact customer service with any questions. 


    The BSG Canada Team