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Crisp Europils Malt

Colour °Lovibond
1.5 - 1.9º
Moisture % Max
Extract FG Min
Usage Rate


Globally, Pilsen or lager-style beers are the dominant beer category.  These beer types demand a lower modified malt to complement the temperature programmed or decoction mashing regimes employed.

Crisp Malting Group Europils Malt perfectly fits this requirement, being typically made from 2-row spring barley which is malted to give the required level of modification whilst maintaining a high level of homogeneity.  Careful control of kilning ensures the required low colour is achieved.

Europils malt has a higher protein content which ensures ample enzymatic capability which, combined with the high levels of free amino nitrogen present, assure excellent brewing performance even when un-malted adjuncts form part of the grist composition.

*Limited availability at certain warehouse locations

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