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Apricot Flavouring – 5 gal


Natural Apricot Flavouring (with other natural flavours) provides excellent fruit flavour without sweetness. Fruit flavouring is an excellent way to add complexity of flavour without the complications and inconsistencies of real fruit. Fruit is bulky and takes up lots of space in brewing vessels. Adding fruit can accelerate fermentation and make the process messy and difficult to control. Starches and proteins in fruit can contribute to haze and cloudiness. Fruit can contain active bacteria. And unfermentable material from fruit can undergo chemical changes in bottled beer, causing undesirable changes in flavour and body as the beverage ages. Methods and products are available to eliminate or ameliorate most of these issues, but substituting fruit flavouring for some or all of the fruit in a recipe is often a preferred solution.

This fruit flavouring has a shelf life of 6 months and should be stored in cool but not frozen temperature conditions for optimal longevity.

Suggested usage rate: 0.15% total volume.